This is one corner of my studio in Wilmington - also a clean view.

This is a view of my home studio - cleaned.


Elena Wright

Custom Art Glass

I'm so glad you've taken a moment to visit my site.  My name is Elena Wright and I'm a glass artist living and working in Wilmington, NC.  

In-between the computer science classes needed for my work,  an MS in Information Systems, and Advanced Program Management, I took art classes to include semesters in 2D design (3), 3D design (2), oil painting (2), metal sculpture (1),  and  drawing (2), as well as multiple adult education and workshops in watercolor, pottery (2), stained glass construction, leaded glass, glass painting, advanced stained glass design, lamp-making, basic sculpture, sculpting the human head in clay, wire sculpture, cast glass with Milon Townsend, glass fusing and slumping, small glass casting, ceramics, drawing, collage, multi-media, hand-building sculpture, copper embossing, flame-working, and wood-carving.

It was one six-week adult education class in stained glass that ignited a love for all things glass related.  Glass is a miracle substance.  You can paint on it and with it, bend, it, shape it, cast it, carve it, cut it, encase it in lead or copper foil, turn it into beads, or cut it into little pieces and turn it into mosaics.

I have two studios.  One is attached to the house and has my warm glass studio (with kilns and the real mess), and the other is at TheArtWorks(tm) in downtown Wilmington.I make cast glass (sculptures) and fused glass (bowls and platters) in the home studio.  The downtown studio is the perfect place for making mosaics from multiple types of glass and traditional stained glass.