I also have some stained glass works available, even though for the past few years, fused glass has become a first love.

I love working with glass and one of my favorite methods is warm glass which must be fired in a kiln.  Warm glass includes multiple techniques.  I enjoy painting images on glass with powdered glass and enamels, and firing these paintings to around 1230 degrees.  All my fused glass bowls and platters involve multiple kiln firings in temperature ranges from 1230-1650 degrees.  I like to make large bowl shapes from ceramic blankets over stainless steel.  Each work is unique.  Works like those shown below are available at TheArtWorks(tm).

I also love making cast glass sculptures.  I first sculpt the figures in clay.  Cover the clay with an investment material that can withstand kiln temperatures and when the investment dries, the clay is removed, magic happens and glass is melted into the cavity where the clay used to be.  Some of my works take over 3 weeks of kiln firing but there is nothing like light passing through a sculpture.

Elena Wright

Custom Art Glass

While working at TheArtWorks(tm) I love making mosaics.  My mosaics all begin as original drawings, and are composed with components I've fused in the home studio, cut and tumbled glass, and tiles.